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Cat Psychic Trends Reports

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Cat Psychic Trends 2016 II EN

"Mental health is a priority in a fast pace society. Consumers are craving for a way to reach out to each

other and to the exterior environment itself. 

Something to provide them with an “excuse” to socialize almost unwillingly, to avoid facing the need for the other

in a world where self-sufficiency is overvalued!"

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Cat Psychic Trends 2017 I EN

"The need for safety is still palpable, but this time is actively looking for any kind of answers: simple or fancy ones!


As compulsory as changes are, they have to occur in a setting, in a socio, political, economical and highly technological setting. Therefore, any viable answers must follow this path. We like to think of it as “breaking the rules by following the rules”.

People is aware and looking to be prepared for whatever may come, even for the worst possible scenario, future is no longer a fantasy but a reality."

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Cat Psychic Trends 2017 II EN

"Infrastructure changes are done. We have our new socialization and consuming models. Ok. We are all set.

And then? What about us? Inner us?

Our unchanging human behavior, emotions, feelings, needs? No easy gadget or evolution button for that.

We need closure, we are losing a lot of our previous world.

We are stressed out over the future, not only companies, but consumers as well. We need to turn our fears into action."

Fashionable Purple Short Hair

The year for opportunity

Cat Psychic Trends 2022 1H EN

Ready?. Set. Go!

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